More Than Her by Jay McLean (Margarida)

More Than Her (More, #2)More Than Her by Jay McLean

Omg this book was perfection!! I loved the first one but this one I don’t even know how to tell you how much I freaking loved it!!

This book made me laugh but especially it made cry. When I finished I was left so emotional. I had to start the third book right way. I just need these two to find their HEA.

Logan changed so freaking much since I met him. He was an asshole but a happy one with awesome group of friends. I loved how I saw him fell in love with Amanda how he struggled with his feelings how he fought for when he screwed up and finally (this side of him I didn’t like) how he was in the end of the book. It broke my heart how he was in the end and how much he suffered in his childhood. It wasn’t fair.

Amanda has been through some rough stuff. Everything changed the night she met Logan. I loved how they met. I love Amanda. She’s so awesome! When Logan sees her on top of Ethan hitting him ahahahahah it was so funny!!! I was very curious of what had happen that summer after she met Logan I was kinda expecting it but then it almost happened again and I cried like hell because I saw her face full of fear and the worst Logan was there but he couldn’t do anything. It was awful. After everything that happened between these two I hope they solve things. They’re perfect for each other.

There was a twist kinda and oh my I so wasn’t expecting it! Though I don’t like that character it was really horrible what happened.

Oh my ahahahahahahahahahah I’m sorry but I have to share this quote that Lucy said to a bitch when she was drunk this girl is the best ahahahah

“If cocks had wings you would be a fucking airport”

It was so funny!!!! I can’t wait to read her and Cam’s story! I just love her ahah

I really would like to know if there will be a book about Heidi and Dylan’s because things are not good between these two I want them to be okay.

5 stars


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