White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Margarida)

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1)White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout






Moving on…I really really liked this book I actually loved it but in my mind it didn’t reach the 5 stars completely so that’s why I gave it 4.5.

Jennifer has this way of inventing stories that are amazing and when you finish her books you just stare at the book and think “How the hell did she come up with these ideas?!” and what really amazes me is that she chooses weird themes but she makes them work. I love her books!

This story was pretty cool I loved the concept. I love the characters most of them I mean and I can’t wait for the next book but I the second one is going to concentrate in Zayne and Layla’s relationship and honestly I don’t like Zayne that much so I’m a bit nervous.

Since I already said I don’t like Zayne that much let’s start by talking about his character. I kinda liked him at first but then I started to notice that when him and Layla would fight he would always make Layla feel guilty and sometimes it was his fault they were fighting! Then he would shut her out but something would happen and would come running saying I’m sorry forgive me ahahahah he actually said this very few times because Layla always started to say it!! AND HE DIDN’T DESERVE WHAT ROTH DID FOR HIM!!! :/ Btw I didn’t like his father that much I get that he was trying to protect her by not telling her but she’s old enough to know who her parents are..and there are other reasons

Now Roth I loooooveee! I mean who wouldn’t!! He’s so damn sexy!
*sigh* Isn’t he sexyy? OH MY THE SEXY SCENES *putting myself in the fridge because it’s too out om here* I wasn’t expecting to like him this much but he was so amazing in this book. He was there for Layla even when she couldn’t see him. He saved someone who he didn’t like for Layla if that doesn’t prove how awesome and dreamy he is than I don’t know what will. Btw he has three kitties. Yeah you read that right A FREAKING DEMON HAS THREE ADORABLE KITTIES! *-*

I still don’t know about Layla. I like her sometimes. I think she should defend what she believes and not let those Wardens define her future. She found some pretty dark things about herself in this book and I admire for holding on even though all these crazy things happened. I hope she gets better in the next book.

Bambi ahahahah she’s a bit scary but kinda adorable at the same time.

I loved Layla’s friends!! Stacey is so funny and Sam with his random facts that are actually pretty interesting I hope they get together in the next book!!

There was on thing that was pretty stupid. The reason why the demon wanted to raise the Lilin but I don’t think this subject is over yet.

So Jennifer was super sweet and gave us a scene from Roth’s POV and she knows her fans so well she gave us a hot scene from his POV  *double sigh*

4,5 star


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