More Than This by Jay McLean (Margarida)

More Than This (More, #1)More Than This by Jay McLean

Omg I loved this book so freaking much!!! It was so so good!!!

First of all Jake!! asghafhgajkdhgfsksdhgkdf I love him!!! He was there for her even though he had just met her hours ago he was freaking perfect! She cried and he just held her…I want a Jake for me! And omg he’s so so so hot! *drooling*

Mikayka just broke my heart I in a trip when I was reading this and I read half the book in the car on the way home and I had to control myself so much so I wouldn’t cry. I’m really glad she found Jake that night and that she found a new family that loves her.

Omg Mikayla and Lucy are just like me. Minus the hot boyfriend. They read all the time. I loved that the first time Lucy appeared she was read The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay and wait..she was in a limo on the way to prom and she was freaking reading!!! I love her since that moment!!!

Now it’s time to talk about Megan and James. Megan was a bitch!! I just can’t believe what she did!! They freaking knew each other since fifth grade!!! I want to punch her so bad. James at beginning was an asshole but with time he didn’t make me any difference.

Their relationship was omg THE SEXUAL TENSION!! Oh my *takes shirt off because the temperature just went up 10 degrees* and they didn’t kiss. They did a lot of dirt things and I was expecting a description of when they would have sex. It didn’t have any description…I was like WHAT?! They already did it?! Yup I didn’t even realized when it happened.

I really likes these two but I think my favorites are Lucy and Cam! I’m so glad there’s a book about how they started dating yeyyy Uuuuh I’m so curious about Logan!!

5 stars


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