Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines (Margarida)

Hold on Tight (Sea Breeze, #8)Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines

I was not expecting liking this book as much as I did!

First of all lets talk about Dustin. Yeah yeah he’s dead but when he was alive he was a dipshit. Everyone talked good things about him but when I read the parts from the past the only thing I saw was an asshole that had a good girlfriend but he cheated on her whenever he could and when he was caught by his brother he says “I can’t break up with her I love her” *roll of eyes* I think the only reason he started to date Sienna was because Dewayne pushed him to do it.

Dewayne was such a good surprise. We never knew much from the other books and this one of the first times I feel I ended a book from the series knowing both main characters really well. This guy was so awesome with Micah and when he found out he was his nephew it was so adorable. All of his actions made me so jealous of Sienna. He protected her from everything and since he was 17!! He was one character I wasn’t really expecting to love but I did. He fought for her with everything he had and I loved it.

I really liked Sienna too. She was so strong everyone abandoned her after she found out she was pregnant at 16 her parents sent her way Dustin had just died so he would never his son and then she went to live with an aunt that felt more like a landlord than family. Worst of all she felt the Falco’s (Dustin’s family) had also abandoned her because they didn’t answer her letters when in reality they never received them. And now she comes back to Sea breeze and Dwayne’s parents find out about Micah and they never left him alone ever again. Sleepovers, cookies everything grandmas and granddads do with grandkids. Now she was finally able to tell Micah he had a family that loves him.

Micah and Sienna’s relationship was so cute! When they said Dynamic Duo and then they would fist pump it was pretty adorable.

4 stars


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