Running Wild by S.E. Jakes (Joana)

I wasn’t planning on reading this series become MC is not really my thing. I love cars. Motorcycles are not really my thing. ButttI’m totally in love with S.E. Jakes books. I fell in love with Hell or High Water Series and then Dirty Deeds and by this point I guess I’ll read anything that S.E. Jakes writes.

So here I am in Havoc world. To stay apparently.

I was loving the beginning of the book. The mysterious sex. The mysterious guy. Cars and street racing. Oh boy I was so thrilled but then I don’t know.. I really liked and enjoyed the book but I didn’t like Havoc guys as much as I thought I would. Not even Ryker.

I liked him enough, he’s a good guy doing a great deal of good but I don’t deal well with guys this possessive and controlling. 

I thought we would get to know more of the Havoc men. More of brotherhood thing… but of the ones that we did met Tug was the only one that I actually liked. Well him and the woman Greta. The others and the way they acted like idiots with Sean.. Well they didn’t grew on me.

Sean I did like. He’s good and loyal. Poor thing was a mess. I just know how he deals with such possessiveness and let’s Ryker controlling him like this… It wouldn’t work for me. 
I connected more with Sean than with Ryker, tho.

Either way to any of things that I didn’t quite liked I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the others.Maybe next is Linc’s book?? I liked him.

4 stars


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