Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire (Margarida)

Beautiful Oblivion (Maddox Brothers, #1)Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

I really really like this book!! I think I liked it more than Travis books. Trenton is kinda more calm and I think this story was better and I liked it more.

I really liked that Travis and Trent’s stories were entwined I liked seeing some parts of Travis story from Trent’s or Cami’s POV.

I was so not expecting that was the secret. It did pass my mind for a millisecond but it never crossed my mind again. I honestly thought it was something about the accident but nop. —>sorry I really needed to get this out of my system.

Like I said I really like Trenton he’s so damn cute and jesus what he did to get Cami to go out with him..he brought a little kid that’s just genius! And when he said he always loved her


It was so sweet *-*

Now I did have problems with Cami. She was spending so much time with Trent but then she would be like no I love T.J. this attitude made me really mad because she was falling in love with Trent but in her mind she was always thinking I can’t do this to T.J. and then she started talking about a secret about T.J that if she told Trent he would hate her and I was like I wanna know I have no freaking idea. After I finished the book I understood most of the reasons of why she was being that way. GUYS GET READY BECAUSE YOU WILL FIND OUT IN THE LAST FREAKING PAGE!!! So not cool I was actually thinking that the author wouldn’t tell us it was a relieve because I really really wanted to know. Okay okay I think it’s enough talk about the secret. Besides her attitude I still really liked Cami she was awesome!!!!! I LOVED HER FREAKING TATTOOS!!

OH.MY.GOD. CAMI’S BEST FRIEND. I liked her at first but after the break up I just couldn’t stand her!! God I wanted to punch her so badly!! She had a perfect guy beside her and she replaced him with an asshole. :/ I also did not like Cami’s family that much…

And now I’m super curious of which brother will the next book be about..I have a tiny feeling of whom..not sure..but I’m super curious about him so.

4 stars



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