June Wrap Up & July TBR (Margarida)

So it’s that time of the month where I tell you what I read in the past month and what I intend on reading in July. Well first of all if you saw my Wrap up & June TBR you will notice that I did not read any of the books I said I would like to read in June but I have a reason. I ended school on the first week of June but I had my exams at the end of June so the weeks in between I had to study really hard and didn’t want to read anything that I REALLY wanted to read because then I wouldn’t concentrate on my studying so that’s my reason..

Let’s move on to my June Wrap Up..I read 19 books it was a pretty good month though I had to study..I read mostly books I requested from NetGalley and some of them were really short so they were pretty fast to read…Now the books:


  • Shine Not Burn by Elle CaseyI have no idea why I read this book..I think it was because I had just finished Hopeless by Colleen Hoover and I was a bit hangover so I decided to read this..it was actually really good.
  • Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie PerkinsΒ  – I love these cutie romances!! They’re so adorable and I love Stephanie Perkins books because the characters aren’t perfect they’re simple real.
  • MacKenzie Fire by Elle Casey – This duology was pretty good I liked this one better the main character Candice was so damn funny. I totally recommend this book!!
  • Twisted Together by Pepper Winters – The final book in the Monsters in the Dark series. I was finally able to give 4 stars to a book in this trilogy not that I didn’t enjoy the others I just didn’t agree with some of the stuff the main characters did to each other but they are what they are and they like what like I’m not going to be the one to judge them. One of the things that I really love in this trilogy and makesΒ  really emotional is that trafficking human beings is real and I just can’t understand how a human being can kidnap another and do really bad things to them…I just don’t get it.
  • Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina LaurenThis book was awesome!! I can’t wait to read the next one! I love Christina Lauren books. If you don’t know any of her books check out the Beautiful Bastard Series I loved it!!
  • Stupid Girl by Cindy MilesFirst book I read that NetGalley send it to me!! I really liked it.
  • More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs – Of course you know what book this is! If you don’t know please click on this link. Thanks to this brilliant author this blog is doing their first giveaway! YEYYY πŸ˜€
  • Trust: Pandora’s Box by Cristiane Serruya – I loved this trilogy!! You should definitely check it out!
  • Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux – I can’t wait for the next book but kind of scared because I didn’t like this book as much as I liked the first one, but if you like M/M romance you should definitely check it and because this a spin-off of another series, Cut & Run series —> one of the best M/M series I ever read
  • Best Kind of Broken and Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine – Really liked this two, they were super funny I can not wait for the book three.
  • Deadly Chemistry by Teri Anne Stanley – I had really mixed feelings about this book. It was good but too fast for me and the characters were kinda annoying sometimes.
  • In Bed with the Competition by J.K. Coi – I really liked this book I’m hoping there will be a second book about the guy’s partner.
  • The Maverick’s Red Hot Reunion by Christine Glover – For the love of God WTH do authors write books where everything happens so fast?! That always makes me mad because it’s not believable and I can never give these books more than 4 starts only if I really really love the book and I’m able to ignore the fact that it happened too fast which wasn’t the case for this book.
  • Wallbanger by Alice Clayton – If you haven’t read this book READ IT!! Because I freaking loved it!! It’s super funny and romantic and yeah I loved it πŸ˜€ I read this book like a million times not really but you know what I mean πŸ™‚
  • Breathe with Me by Kristen Proby – I really really like this series but why do the books that I’m most excited about are the ones I get disappointed about..jesus I’m really tired of being disappointed with this series though I love their group but gaaah. And that’s why I’m really afraid of the last book.
  • Take Me On and Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry – Love this series!! I can’t wait to know who will the next book be about!
  • And last but not least Play Me by Blue Ashcroft – I really enjoyed this book but why does it have to be separated by parts? I want it all now and I don’t even know when will the next part be out :/


July TBR

Like I said last month I think I’m not sure I will read any of the books I will mention bellow because in June I did not read any of the books I said I will so yup..Let’s do this.

PicMonkey Collage

  • I’m definitely going to read Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton – I’m so mad that in Book Depository it says the books comes out on the 3rd of July while on Goodreads it says 24th of June and now I’m waiting for my pre-order 😦


  • Β I’m probably going to read Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead because I pre-order it and I hope it arrives before August or I will murder someone


There are other books I would like to read but I just put these because I’m almost sure I will read them and if I had written all the books I would like to read this month I would be here forever writing this post.


I think this is it..Tell if you read any of the books above, if you like the dislike them..if you are curious about, etc..just share it with me πŸ™‚



8 responses to “June Wrap Up & July TBR (Margarida)

    • Ahahah thanks πŸ™‚ Well first I think you should definitely create a goodreads page because that site is where I find many of the books I read..second you should watch Booktube and listen some reviews of books see if you like what you heard and if you do read them..it’s very simple you just have to find the genre you’re more comfortable with and you like and then you just have to find books.
      I just finished high school..I hope..my country is really hard about these things..you have to pass these exams or you wont finish high school I didn’t pass them last year and now I repeated them this year..let’s see πŸ™‚

    • It was super good but Crash Into You still is my favorite *-*
      Me too! The ending of The Fiery Heart was devastating. I really can’t wait to see what Sydney will do.

      • Haha I’m the same way. CIY is like ughhhhh Isaiah I love you lol I read the first chapter of silver shadows and meads website and OMG I’m freaking out!!

      • I love Isaiah! He’s my favorite *-*
        I’m so not reading that! I’m already dying because of waiting and reading the first chapter would make me even more impatient

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