Iris by R.K. Lilley (Margarida)

Iris (The Wild Side, #2)Iris by R.K. Lilley

Why does the gif has to look ugly next to the cover?! Now I have to write something here so it doesn’t look weird..sooooooooooooo…..HEY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THAT LOVE BOOKS AND OTHER STUFF! 😛 I did it! I covered the thingy YUPI ME 😀

I wanna know. I need to know. Please tell me. PLEASEEE


I can’t handle this anymore. PLEASE IRIS JUST STOP WITH THE MYSTERY AND TELL US WHO YOU ARE. WHAT YOU ARE.I just want to scream because I’m not very patience and this waiting is killing me! She told some minor things in this book but gaaah she’s feeding this monster inside that needs to know but now I have to wait and I just can’t and then at the end they have sneak peek HOW DARE YOU?! I’m even more curious and impatient. I’m going crazy over here.

God how Dair doesn’t go crazy amazes me. Actually he goes a little crazy but that’s quite understanding. I’m so frustrated that I don’t even know what to say about Dair anymore. Just hang in there buddy. Hopefully we will learn the truth in the next one..we are almost there…almost being the key word

I don’t have anything else to say..I guess you can tell this book made me feel quite frustrated but it was really good and I love their relationship and how Iris made Dair grow thought he’s the oldest he’s more alive thanks to her and I practically know everything about Dair but about Iris…I’m not even sure if Iris is her real name and I need to know..noooow

4 stars

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