Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (Carolina)

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1)Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

My rating: 5 stars

Holy crap, I dunno what to think. Only that this book was brilliant! It made me feel so conflicted, it still does tbh.

In the beginning I was feeling a little lost because I couldn’t understand what was happening, where they were, what they were. But once I understood the Ravka world and I had the chance to truly appreciate what was going on, Saints! It just kept getting better and better. The characters, the world building, the magic… Everything was perfect and so beautifully written, that I couldn’t stop reading, I just wanted more and more.

Now I’ll talk about what got me so conflicted. And that has a name, The Darkling! He’s the evilest love interest I have ever met, at first I compared him with Warner from Shatter Me, but once I got to really know him, I had to stop doing it because there is no comparison. The Darkling is pure evil, so manipulative and greedy. Always looking for power. But then I can’t hate him, this is where I feel conflicted. Because I love the Darkling even if I don’t have any reason to. I just want Alina to find a way to light a little his dark heart. Then we can all be happy.

Talking about happy, I have a bad feeling about the last book. A really bad feeling. I can feel people dying. Important people. I don’t want that and I’m afraid of what will happen. Moving on to…

Alina! I’m still not sure of what to think about her. In some parts of the book she reminded me of Celaena, but not nearly as good. Just in small details. And those were my favourite things about her. But then she makes such stupid decisions. When she hesitated in the end, I just want to punch her right in the face. I wouldn’t like to have to do what she had either, but I think that if I thought that my freedom depended on it, I would do it. Even if I cried for weeks after. I just couldn’t risk becoming a pet. When it happened to Alina, I felt so trapped. Terrible, terrible, terrible feeling.

About the other characters, I loved Genya! The other Grisha, I wasn’t specially fond of any. I also liked Mal. At first I wasn’t sure, then I wanted to punch him in the guts, then I grew fond of him. And I liked seeing him with Alina, but I’d rather see Alina with the Darkling, but if instead she ends up with Mal, I think I can understand why, and I’ll live with it.
Then we have Baghra! I loved that woman since the beginning, and I also suspected who she really was since then. I hope she’s okay and that she will be part of the next books.

I had some difficulty imagining the kefta, I wasn’t sure about what to picture in my head. But I loved the concept of it, the colors, and the embroidered cuffs. I also loved the descriptions of the Little Palace I’d love to visit it, the author made it look like such a magical place!
Also the Shadow Fold seemed a really scary place. That one I’d pass. I hate feeling trapped, and that’s what I’d feel if I was inside so much darkness, I’d panic and I would be frozen, and I’d die. No thank you.

Finally, I want to read the next book. I’m praying to all the Saints that I’ll resist it till Monday so I can study for my exam. But I’m not sure. I’m not very good at resisting books.


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