Bliss by Lisa Henry & Heidi Belleau (Joana)

*** This title was kindly provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. *** 
It’s so hard for me to rate and review these kind of books. I feel like a horrible person for liking them. But I did. I really like this book.

The fact that it was kind of a Dystopia made things different. I don’t know exactly what to because things like this revolt me so much. How can people do things like that ?? This horrible! Completely twisted! 

I was so mad during most of the book. So revolted and screaming internally of how wrong and unfair all of it was.

Lowell and the others with part in the chip are disgusting! You can even imagine how I hate that man. Disgusting and twisted and… I hate him. 

I was mad at Rory too great deal of the book. I knew that he wasa good man. He was good to Tate and loved him and he didn’t knew the truth but I couldn’t stop resenting him. He was so clueless. He was being so blind. And even after he knew the truth he was always making excuses and wanting to trust the wrong people. It was driving me totally insane. That night in Lowell’s place was horrible. My skin was crawling.

But he’s a good man and I like how things turned out.

Tate kept breaking my heart. I like Tate. He was the character with who connected more.

I really liked how the book ended. I wish that it had been a bit longer in the end and that we could have seen a little bit more of Rory and the real Tate together. It was really sweet. I love that they are finally together and in love and that they are raising Emmy together. 

“Our daughter.” 

It was really sweet. I like happy endings.


4 stars



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