Wallbanger by Alice Clayton (Margarida)

Wallbanger (Cocktail, #1)Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

I absolutely love this book!!! I re-read this book so many times. You know when you finish a book and you don’t know what to read? Well my conscience says Margarida read Wallbanger…Wallbanger…Wallbanger… so what do I do? I read Wallbanger!!!!

One of the things I love the most in this book is that it makes me laugh a lot! The way they speak the way the characters are, the situations they put themselves in. This book is totally awesome.

Now let’s talk about Caroline. Usually female characters annoy the crap out of me. They’re never confident about themselves but Caroline? She’s hilarious! Talking with her “O” eheheh Oh my her and Clive ahahahahah Clive is the best cat ever!!!

Let’s cut to the chase! SIMON SIMON SIMON me wants a SIMON! He’s definitely one of my favorite book boyfriends!! He’s so damn sweet and god the things he did for Caroline were so damn adorable *-* Simon and his harem ahahah Purina, Giggles and Spanks.

I love the beginning when they are on their truces and they’re flirting with each other and there is so much sexual tension I could feel it coming out of the book.. Ahahah and when they’re baking!!!! Caroline always using terms that have sexual meaning and Simon Peel some apple…Simon needs to peel some apples..no I did not feel your boobs on my back no no…peel some apples ahahahah hilarious!

I loved both their trips. The first one to Tahoe was super fun at the beginning with Simon and Caroline trying to make their friends see that they were dating the wrong person but then all went to hell..it was awful when Caroline felt embarrassed I felt it…it was so bad. Then they traveled to Spain OMG HOW SWEET IS THAT SIMON ASKED HER TO GO WITH HIM BECAUSE HE KNEW SHE REALLY WANTED TO GO TO SPAIN BUT IT WAS TOO EXPENSIVE I love Simon but again all went to hell in the last night however Simon is a freaking hero and saves the world by being the most awesome boyfriend and everything is okay again.

Another thing I loved about this book was Clive. Like I mentioned in the beginning Clive is the best cat ever! He seems like a human responding to people and the last two pages of the book? I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD...Now I’m wondering do cats see us like that?! What does my cat think of me????

I can’t wait for my copy of Rusty Nailed to arrive . I’m super excited though really afraid the second book will be disappointing.

5 stars

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