Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Joana)

Oh my god, this book was so good. So many damn feels!!!! If Chronicles of Nick are going to be like this from now on – not complaining – I think wont survive.

Can you guys imagine 10 more Nick books plus all the Dark-Hunter ones that I haven’t read it yet and the many – I hope – that Kenyon is still going to write ?!? Oh dear… So dead.

It’s still a bit weird to me that this is all happening in the past – well kind of. This is really confusing and the fact that they are and have to mess with the past to chance the terrible things that happened freaks me out because we never really know what may happen and what will change… I want Nick to succeed because I hate Ambrose and if he doesn’t change things all the one I love dearly will die… Already did… See it’s confusing. 

Also I cannot forget that little thing in the end of Styxx’s bookwere Ash finds that there’s someone messing with the past which is affecting Tori. It makes me so nervous! 

Anyway back to the point.
What was I saying ??
Ah yes!

So I really like this Nick. Fun, good, loving, fair, sarcastic, even more fun than before… He still isn’t one of my favorite characters by a long shot but I like him and I rather have this Nick than Ambrose of course. But this is tricky isn’t it ?? Nick is Ambrose, technically, and then it all goes down to Nick’s mom.

Without her Nick, all my babies and the world are dammed. I love Cherise I really do (and I really want her with Bubba), in no way I want her to die but what if it happens? Again.
Nick kills himself, becomes a Dark Hunter and the real Malachai. Nick becomes Ambrose and BUM all my loves are dead.

See my point ? This doesn’t look good no matter what. I don’t want Cherise to die but Nick needs to learn how to be strong for himself not just his mom or Kody.

Okay now… the things or rather the people that made my feelings this unstable…

Acheron, Styxx, Urian, Ari, Savitar, … SO MANY FEELS!!!!! MY BABIES!!!! 

Kody’s memories are killing me slowly. And I’m feel really sorry for her. It’s horrible what she’s going through. I was a mess when I found out in Inferno that she was Styxx’s daughter, Ash’s niece, but nothing like this. Every time she mentions them, their lives and their deaths…my heart just… I just can’t.
It hurts so much! 

It’s painful but those are the parts that I love most in the entire book. Kody’s memories. I love them so much I need more Dark Hunter books specially during that time. I want to know Ari and Ash’s sons. I want Urian. I want his book so much. I need Acheron/Styxx moments – when Kody was telling to Ash of the other dimension about Styxx and the words“you two are best friends” and “unbreakable bond of brotherhood” comes out of her mouth I JUST COULDN’T KEEP MYSELF TOGETHER!!!!! 

I love Styxx and Acheron so, so, so much!!!! 

Ohh an my Savitar!! Don’t forget about Savitar.
Although the Savitar that appears in the book is not the same Savitar for who I fell it was really awesome anyway to have him there. I definitely need to know more about him and I’m also really curious about Thorn and Cadegan . I wasn’t planning on reading Son Of No One anytime soon because I still have a few behind to read but now I really want to know the real Cadegan.

And what do you think about a Simi’s book ?? 😀 Doesn’t that sound fun ?? 
I need to know who her husband is. And it’s so weird that she know all these thing that are going on and Ash doesn’t.

This other dimension to where they went was all kinds of weird ans messed with my head in so many ways. Acheron was married to Artemis ?!? What?? I almost had and attack right there.

I’m really sad that Caleb didn’t appear much in this book. I missed him and now I feel like I’m betraying him and now because of Xev. I actually liked Xev specially after what he did for Kody and Nick but he’s the cause of Caleb’s suffering and that kills me. 
And the ending.. What is that even supposed to mean??What the hell I need to know what happened to Xev and Caleb and why Kody was so freaked out.

Okay I think I’m about done. My whole review can be resumed to:

* Want and need more Styxx/Acheron moments; 

* I want and need Dark Hunter books of Savitar, Urian, Ari, Bas, Theron,… All of my babies. 

Pretty please Miss Sherrilyn Kenyon!! 🙂

5 stars


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