Free Falling by S.E. Jakes (Joana)

Well this was kind of adorable .

I already loved Blue ( I love his name. Blue. Blue. Blue. 😀 ) from the bits where he appears in Hell or High Water Series . He really caught my attention the moment he shows up climbing Propht’s building in Long Time Gone, so reading his story and the circumstances of how he and Mick fell in love and stayed together was really good and made me love Blue even more.

He’s amazing. He’s a thief and he doesn’t make excesses for what he does. He admits the he needs and loves stilling but he still has good purposes. That glbt institution that he gives money to and how he uses it to help his dear sister.. It broke my heart seeing him cry and suffer like that. It was such a sad goodbye… Blue was a really good brother.

The plot of things was really interesting too leading to some reallyhot and sweet scenes .

I usually don’t like this fall in love at first sight thing but with them I didn’t mind a bit. Blue and Mike are so perfect together. I love this game of Catch Me if You Can that they have going on. It make the relationship more interesting, fun and hot .

Prophet was there!!! I love Prophet!! 😀 

Him and Blue interacting with each other was rather fun. I love seeing them work together and I’m really happy that Blue is with EE now.

I really liked this book. I’m in love with Extreme Escapes Universe I just wish it hadn’t been so short. I wouldn’t mind have more Blue/Mike moments. 

4 stars


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