Dirty Deeds by S.E. Jakes (Joana)

What a way to leave me hanging miss S.E. Jakes. 

I already know bits of how this is going from now on because of Daylight Again and I know that this are awkward between them but fuck I need to know more! 

Those guys are fucking dirty!! 

Poor, poor Mal … In love with the guy who almost killed him and left him without being able to speak. It broke my heartwhen he told Tom but actually seeing him find out and his reaction… Fuck.

Cillian, that bastard is good! I want to hate him but I can’t.Sexy British bastard. 

There’s someone that I already hated and now I do even more, though. Fucking John Morse! That son of a bitch!!! 

Great now I don’t just have to wait for the next Hell or High Water but also for the next Dirty Deeds . Just great.

A reader’s life is hard. 

*** This title was kindly provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ***


4,5 star Riptide Publishing


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