Deadly Chemistry by Teri Anne Stanley (Margarida)

Deadly Chemistry (Sex, Lies, and Science Geeks, #1)Deadly Chemistry by Teri Anne Stanley

I really don’t what I felt about this book. I really liked it but there were sometimes that I just wanted to punch the characters! This time it wasn’t just the girl who annoyed me it was both and that’s not normal for me. Another thing that I didn’t like and that when this kind of thing happens in books my rating is never more than 4 stars. The time. It was to fast for me…After a couple of days they were already in love…Besides these things I really liked the story.

I really liked Lauren when she described herself saying that Mike wouldn’t a bookish girl a cat-lover I was like yup that’s me though I’m not science nerd like her I like science but I’m not very good at it. I loved her experience and what she wanted to do with it. A thing that I really liked that she did was working with rescued animals that’s one the things a really want to do in the future and I loved that she did that!!

I swear to God that books are ruining boys that aren’t from the fictional world! Why do these characters have to be so hot?! Obviously Mike is one of those guys….hot hot hot…I so wouldn’t mind living in his house with him and Dylan, Evan could go live there too I wouldn’t mind at all *sigh* So Mike is an ex-cop (see what I was talking about an ex-cop means mystery and now I’m drooling all over the keyboard) and now he’s a handyman who thinks that’s hot?

Another thing I like in guys is when they like animals and Mike saved a kittie!! Though he wasn’t expecting Lauren just made him adopt him but anyways it was pretty adorable seeing him with the cat!!!

The mystery/crime that occurred in the book I think it was quite predictable who stole the algae, the moment the person show up I said You’re guilty bitch. and just how Lauren described her/him it made doubt that person and then there were some events that made completely sure who was guilty.

When I went looking for this book on Goodreads I saw this was the first in a series and now I’m really curious what or who the next book will be about.

3.5 star

**ARC kindly provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**


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