Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine (Margarida)

Perfect Kind of Trouble (Finding Fate, #2)Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine

Oh my god this book was hilarious!! I had so much fun reading and I may say this one was better than the first one way better. One of the things I love about this series is the male characters. They’re absolutely the best. They’re hot they’re funny I love them.

These two main characters were introduced to us in the first book more Daren than Kayla I think she showed up two times. First we had Daren that was a good friend of Pixie and he was Charity’s boyfriend. He also provoked Levi to make a move on Pixie. Kayla showed up on a party asking for directions and then at the end when she and Daren sowed up at the Inn.

In this second book I learned more about them obviously because it was their book.

I really liked Kayla what she went trough wow the characters in this series go through some pretty horrible things! Now the reason why Kayla is the was she is was her MOTHER! I SWEAR TO GOD THIS SERIES HAS THE WORST PARENTS EVER!! I mean Kayla’s father was pretty cool! The rest I just want to choke to death.
When the book started Kayla hated her father and was that? Because she thought her father just stopped caring about her when he didn’t show up to her 16th and he never called. Then her mother said he stopped sending them money and because of that they had to live paycheck to paycheck and when she went to college after a few months she has to quit because her SOB of a mother is “sick”. She lost everything. When she went to her father’s funeral the only thing she had was a really old car, a suitcase and a few dollars nothing else. But she was so strong she really was because if that was me I don’t what I would do. So when she went to her father’s funeral and she learns that her father left her money she thought Oh my I can go back to nursing school but there was a catch. She had to be handcuffed to Daren a guy she hates/loves.

Daren is a manwhore and that’s practically what you learn in the first book and that his family is super rich and his mother left his father. But behind this faced we learned that he’s a pretty sweet guy he loves to cook. He’s doing everything he can to pay a hospital bill that his father was supposed to pay and the rich kid everyone thinks he is?! Well he’s not. He doesn’t have a place to live he lives paycheck to paycheck and I was not expecting this at all. The situation of these two main characters really got to me. People aren’t supposed to live like this kids they’re older than me but they’re still to young to be in that situation aren’t supposed to live like this. And then his father figure dies, Kayla’s father, and he’s devastated but then he learns about the money that he could use to pay all his bills and pay the things that his father did and he’s so glad.

I love scavenger hunt! I loved it! It was one of the reason’s I really liked this book! It brought action to the plot and it was a brilliant to wait for the two main characters to get to know each . I loved these two together!!! At the beginning Kayla thought Daren was a spoiled rich kid and Daren thought Kayla was rich brat. They couldn’t be more mistaken and this was the beauty of the book they getting to know each other and learning that they’re in the same situation and that if they don’t find this money they don’t how long they will survive.

Though Kayla’s father wasn’t introduced when alive I really really liked them!!! In his will he said Kayla and Daren had to go on one adventure to find the money he left for both of them. That’s pretty cool!!!

Overall, I really enjoyed the book though there was one thing I didn’t like, when Daren and Kayla have that fight!!! God I just wanted to yell at them to stop because they were hurting each other. It was awful.

I can’t wait for Jenna & Jack’s book!!! I love Jenna!! Now that I know she’s going to end up with Jack I hope there’s going to be a book about Levi’s friend Zack!!!

Btw I spent the whole book thinking how the hell did they changed clothes when they were handcuffed to each other?! How?!

4,5 star

**ARC kindly provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**


7 responses to “Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine (Margarida)

    • Me too! I can’t wait for Jenna & Jack’s book! 🙂 When you were reading the book you also thought how the hell were they changing clothes when handcuffed??

      • Yeah. I was wondering about that hahaha! But isn’t there a scene where they cut their clothes and Kayla just sewed it back together?

      • Yes but I think that was it. The other times I was like oh god how are they doing this?! Maybe they always cut the clothes but it wasn’t mentioned..

      • Yeah, I was wondering about that! But isn’t there a scene where they cut off their clothes and Kayla just sewed it back together. Haha

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