Long Time Gone by S.E. Jakes (Joana)

Oh my… I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! 

For so many different reasons. I loved it. I’m starting – no forget that – I’m already caught up in these books and in these characters and I regret nothing! 

I love the way the story is going. In this book we found out about Tom’s past but with Prophet is all still a big great mess and a big secret. New elements and new players are being add to it and I have new and more questions at every turn.

You can’t even imagine how excited I am that Prophet’s SEAL Team is out there still looking out for each other.We already got to met Mal and King and I can’t fucking wait to meet the others and for them to be all together getting into trouble and doing bad ass sexy thing. I love Teams !! 

About John… I don’t believe that he’s that either and if that is truehe’d better have a fucking good reason for leaving Proph suffering like this all these years and not show himself!

I’m really curious about Mal’s story. I want to know what the hell happened to him. And Cillian … I know that when I read his book I’ll probably ending by falling in love with him there’s no way I’ll be able to resist his sexiness but right now every cell on my body is screaming for me not to trust him. That may or may not be related to the fact that Cillian is always flirting with Proph and that he knows a lot more than he lets on. The bastard. 

Blue and Mike sound like a really fun couple!! I need to read their book soon because I’m curious and I’m expecting to laugh a lot with them.

Voodoo. Hurricanes. Alligators. Fucking yeah New Orleans !! 😀 
I never went there but I really want to go !! I love when a story is set in New Orleans I just get sucked in that world in a blink and in this book New Orleans was even more crazy that I’m used too.Crazy people. Creepy cemeteries. Alligators. Hurricanes…

Can we talk about how damn hot Proph and Tommy are together ?!? Jesus fucking Christ that scene in the meddle of the storm and all the others that followed it… Hot. Hot. Hot. 

Tom’s past is out of the way.. Hopefully. It was an interesting enough story and I feel really sad for all he’s been through. I was actually not really surprised with the murderers, who it was and the reason behind it. That bastard! Poor Etienee he didn’t deserved to die specially not after all he’d been through too. And I’m specially sad that he’s dead because of Remy… Poor kid..Saw his father die and is stuck with a bitch for a mother. I liked seeing Prophet with him. 

While we know now about Tommy and he’s starting to open up Prophet not so much… When will he tell all of it to Tom ? If ever… I really want to know but I love that the story is being kept a mystery and slowly fitting the peaces of the puzzle. 

There’s one thing, tho… Proph you really have to tell Tommy about you disease. 😦

I loved Propht – Elijah – since the first time but now I love him even much. His my favorite character in the series. 

Starting Daylight Again right now… And then I’ll have to wait for more. 😦


5 stars


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