Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine (Margarida)

Best Kind of Broken (Finding Fate, #1)Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

Wow I really liked this book!! When I first started it I was so freaking curious why they were always fighting and about their past the only reason I stopped reading was because I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Like I said this book made really curious right at the beginning and my brain was forming all theories like first I thought something happened to Levi’s parents (car accident maybe) and it was Pixie’s fault because she has that scar but then details were given to us and man I was expecting something like that but this kind of things always break my heart.

Pixie/Sarah is the main female character and I liked her but she still had those moments that I wanted to punch her. She wanted Levi but when she had him she started doubting her self and thinking what if I lose him too and she run way. Not cool. This was the only time I got mad at her. The scenes where Pixie explains to Jenna why she broke up with Max and why she didn’t want a relationship with Levi was so funny ahah. There was one quote that Pixie said that I really liked:

“Because love isn’t something that needs to be said out loud! It’s something you just know. It’s an unspoken thing. It’s humble and quiet and constant…I mean, you can’t just say you love someone and make it true. That’s not how it works. Real love doesn’t need to be declared or confessed. Real love just… is.”

I think it was awful what she went through she lost so much and HER MOTHER THAT WITCH! GOD WHEN SHE SHOWED UP


I just wanted to punch until she couldn’t speak anymore through that horrible mouth. Bitch.

Then there’s Levi. Damn he’s hot. Don’t ask me why but I love to say his name out loud. LEVIIII. You know that guy that is the older brother of one of your friends? Yup he’s that kinda of guy that you can’t help but have a crush on him. Unfortunately none of my friends has an older brother :/ I’m the girl with the older brother 😥 Moving on I really liked him I think he grew a lot throughout the book he finally let go the guilt he felt because of what happened. I loved the first mail he sent to his parents it was a big F**K YOU BITCHES! Eheh

Now Levi and Pixie together were hilarious. Seriously the first scene was Levi spending all the hot water and Pixie just complaining about and Levi just that stupid grin on his face ahahah it was so funny and then Pixie of course retaliated! These two are awesome. When they’re fighting you can feel the sexual tension damn *sigh* One thing that really surprised me with all this sexual tension was that they only had to sexy scenes and only one of them was actual sex.

I’m really curious about the other characters I already now the second book is about Daren but what about the third? Is it about Zack and some girl? Is it about Zack & Jenna? Or us it about Jenna & Jack? I really wanted to be Zack & Jenna. I really liked them and they’re Pixie and Levi’s best friends so them being together would be awesome!!!



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