Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux (Margarida)

Cross & Crown (Sidewinder, #2)Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux

I loved the book I honestly did but I just couldn’t give 5 stars. When I finished the book I thought wow it was amazing but when I went to put the rating I thought about and yeah there were parts that were amazing but there were other parts that I was a bit annoyed.

I guess I’m going to start by telling what annoyed me. Nick and JD relationship. I just felt that sometimes they had pretty intense scenes and it seemed they wanted to go to the closest room and do dirty things to each other and I was not okay with that I just thought NO NICK!! KELLY KELLY KELLY. I do understand Nick had some sort of connection with him and he just wanted to protect JD but I still didn’t like it.

One of the characters that really surprised me in this new series was Kelly. I liked Kelly in the Cut & Run series but I fell in love with Kelly in the first book of the Sidewinder series. I just love him. He’s super funny and sexy. I love how he is with Nick and how is always making me laugh and really needed to laugh because while I was reading this book I was studying and that’s no fun at all so I’m glad my breaks were full of laughs and goofy smiles.

I think I always had a bit of a hard relationship with Nick. I love him I do but like I said he annoyed me in this book and also annoyed me when he first showed up in the Cu & Run series because he wanted Ty and Ty+Nick is a no no. Another thing that annoys me is how he’s so mad at Ty right now and
Sorry Nick I love you I do but YOU AND TY NEED TO STOP BEING STUPID mainly you because Ty is trying AND BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AGAIN! Omg and Nick’s partner is so awesome!! He’s so damn funny!! Ahaha

Yey we saw Julian I was pretty excited about him showing up I love that he’s so dark and he just loves Cameron so much!! I love that he does everything for him *-*

I really enjoyed the story it was pretty cool that they were hunting a treasure and Nick was showing all his knowledge in history and Kelly was like


There were a lot of sexy scenes *sigh* they’re perfect for each other I can’t wait for the next book to see what’s going to happen because of the ending of this book and because Nick and Ty situation!!! NEED NEED NEED

I leave you now with a gif of a sexy kiss and imagine it’s Kelly and Nick


4,5 star


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