Trust: Pandora’s Box by Cristiane Serruya (Margarida)

Trust: Pandora's Box (Trust Trilogy, #3)Trust: Pandora’s Box by Cristiane Serruya

I’m so glad I won the first book on a goodreads giveaway so freaking glad. I fell in love with these characters with the story. I absolutely loved this trilogy and this last book was the perfect conclusion.

Let me tell you that since the beginning of this book I liked Ethan and I was pretty shocked because in the last book he become super creepy and I just did not like him but in this one damn I fell in love with him.He finally realized that he wasn’t the one for Sophia she was his best friend and nothing more. When he went to India with Sophia and her crew I was thinking oh man his he going to do it?! Please do it. Then there was Barbara and there were moments I thought they were going to end up together but I totally understood why Ethan did what he did. Finally Cristiane broke my heart I just couldn’t believe it when I read that scene I just thought no?! And when the truth sink in and I started laughing I know it wasn’t I joke but damn I just laughed and laughed and started yelling REALLY?! REALLY?! WHY?! and then obviously tears came. I think I finished this without believing what happened but I understand why she did it.

Now Alistair. This dude and his sexy accent! Every time he said nae or aye I totally melted and when he called Sophia all those adorable names *-* I absolutely love him! He’s just so alpha male, always trying to protect Sophia but you know she doesn’t let him because she’s a badass. Alistair is one of those characters that grew so much and now he’s so happy and that makes me so happy too. Him and Gabriela ! They’re the cutest thing ever!!

Sophia is one of those characters that you just like since the beginning because she has such a strong personality and she doesn’t take bulls**t from anyone. I love that about her but in this book she did annoy me about but I don’t remember why so it probably wasn’t important.

Alistair+Sophia= AWESOMENESS!!! I love this two together!! I’m always laughing or I’m jealous because they’re perfect together *-* I love when Sophia calls him Lord I’m-so-handsome-and-I-know-it or Lord Caveman it’s so funny!!!! I loved the ending they had and I knew the problem Alistair had had to be solved!!! I was so so so so HAPPY! 😀

One of the things that really makes me love this trilogy is that this isn’t just about a romance it’s about real things that happen in real life.

5 stars


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