Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux (Joana)

** Spoilers ** 

After so long waiting for this book I finally read it and it ended to quickly. It should have been longer. I want more! 😦 

I loved it!
Although it wasn’t one of my favorites and I’m experiencing some weird feelings right now, I can’t give it less than 5 stars. I just can’t. I love these characters way to much for that and I’ll read and love everything Abi writes about Nick & Kelly, Ty & Zane.

Ugh I’m totally blank right now. I’m trying to write because I know I have a lot to say but nothing comes out. It’s so frustrating! And I feel so melancholic.

Damn you Abigail Roux for creating such amazing charactersthat throws me completely off of my game. I can’t even think straight!

Okay I’m just going to role with my feeling and start by mention one thing that is crushing my heart … like really breaking my heart into tiny peaces… Ty and Nick are still not okay with each other !!! 😥 😥 😥 

It hurts so much. I really thought that in the end of Ball & Chain they were getting there but now… Dammit !! That conversation on the phone and the fact that Nick doesn’t even speaks of Ty… IT BREAKS ME AND IT HURTS SO BAD !!!! 😥 

They need to solve thing out!! They continue like this! THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS !!!!! God it hurts.

Okay I’m sorry about this. Moving on..

Nick and Kelly are perfect for each other. The one thing that I like most in their relationship is how they know each other. Little things. Details. But it’s so important to me. I can’t explain it but I really love their relationship. 

I love that that they are so touchy-feely and that they are so open about their relationship. It’s so sweet! :3 

I couldn’t be more in love with Kelly than I am right now. I just love him! He’s so, so funny. He’s always smiling. He’s so sexy! Goddamn when he was fighting Julian Cross….

*Deep breath*

So, so, so sexy !! And.. damn son. Kelly Abbott what are you doing to me?? 

I love Nick too but he’s different from what he used to be. I want to know what the hell happened when Sidewinder was deployed so bad! Nick is different from what he used to be. Not just with this Ty thing… he seems like he’s always on the edge…

I love him still. So very much. He’s so good. ❤ 

In somethings this book was very different from what I was expecting.

For instance:
Julian Cross wasn’t as great a part in the story as I thought he would be.
I loved seeing him , tho. Julian trying to deal with Kelly washilarious . I think that he would probably kill himself if he met all Sidewinder at the same time.

I wanted Preston to appear. I’m so sad he didn’t. 😦 

The story and adventure itself.. it doesn’t beat Cut & Run. I was never into those White Collar, historical things. This is going to sound bad but mysteries with bad guys, murderers, military and a lot of guns and fights are more like my sort of thing. Like in Touch & Geaux!

Doesn’t matter.. this treasure hunt was fun and I can’t wait for the next adventures. Nick, Kelly and Emma Grady! It’s going to be so much fun! 

I laughed a great deal with this book too. Kelly always makes me laugh a lot. Oh oh !!! Amazing sex scenes! So hot!! Nick & Kelly are so fun!! And dirty. 😛 

AH! And it’s a fact: Nick’s boat still floats. 

Ahaha I can’t. That is going to be my new thing. “It still floats.”

I realized that I haven’t talked about JD yet. I’m probably forgetting a lot but I’m sure I’m going to re-read this soon so I’ll fill in the blanks latter.

JD.. I’m not a fan. I just wanted for him to stay away from Nick since the beginning. He turned out not to be a bad guy but I don’t like him very much.

Why is that I always get a book hangover after reading Cut & Run/Sidewinder ??

Goddammit and now we have to wait so long for Part & Parcel and Cut & Run 9. 

I’m trying so hard not thinking that is going to be the last Ty & Zane book. 😥

I hope we’ll have a lot of Sidewinder books! I need more. I want more. 

Let the tortuous wait begin.


5 stars

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2 responses to “Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux (Joana)

  1. Ugh! I feel you. Do you by chance know when Part and Parcel comes out???????? I haven’t been able to find ANY information on it at all :C
    And Nick and Kelly are my favoriiiiiiiite :D!!!!!

    • Sorry there’re no information yet. 😦
      I assume that it’s going to be released after Cut & Run 9 but Abi hasn’t said anything yet.

      I’m dying to get those books!!!

      I love Nick and Kelly too!!! ❤
      And I miss them so much!!!

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