More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs (Margarida)

More Than Music (Chasing the Dream, #1)More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs

I think this is my first ARC ever and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read because it was AMAZING! I LOVED IT! The first thing that happened in the book that made me think *OMG I LOVE YOU ALREADY* was that one of the characters was half Portuguese I was so happy because usually Portuguese people or the country aren’t mentioned in books so when a book mentions my country I start jumping around and screaming OMG THERE’S PORTUGUESE WRITTEN IN THIS BOOK *faints* Well I think this was a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point.

So at first I wasn’t really sure about Maddie I liked her but she was so damn shy around Jared but it ended up being really adorable! Maddie really changed throughout the book she started as a girl who had a secret dream but she was afraid to leave and she ended up the book pursing that dream thanks to her hard work. I loved the ideas she would come up with when she was under stressed.

OH MY! Jared Jared Jared. I just don’t what to say first maybe agshafsmkhdfasmhgdf  *deep breath* I LOVE HIM! God. He is so unbelievable hot and HE’S A FREAKING NERD OKAY? HE GOES TO COMIC CON! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I WANT HIM. NOW. At first he seemed a bad boy I mean he kinda was but when Maddie really started to know him he showed that he wasn’t just a bad boy. I loved the shirts he wore! So cool and nerdie! *drooling* Wait wait there was one thing I didn’t like that he did my stomach was in knots he did it and I just thought how could you?! I understood what he did at one level but at the same time it broke my heart. He compensated though I loved what he did for her.

I really liked seeing these two main characters together and they struggled to be together stupid show. I loved when they were together. The “Not okay? Not okay”was so adorable!

Oh my I loved the scene that the band was entering the elevator and they heard someone saying “Going down” and everyone thought of songs and Hector thought of a Nelly song and everyone laughed at him. I loved the moments they were together as a band they had so much fun. The game they played at the supermarket was awesome!

I can’t wait to read the novellas about Kyle and Hector!!

4,5 star

**ARC kindly provided by Victory Editing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**


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