Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Joana)

I fucking hate bullies. I don’t care if it’s a demon or not. I fucking hate bullies. 

It boiled my blood with anger what that stupid girl did.

I really liked Nick in this book.. What he did and said to Brynna was amazing. And also like that he finally spoke up to his mother. I really like Cherise but what Nick said was very true. She was always a bit unfair with him.

There was a part that I hated about Nick. Don’t care if is because of his powers or his demon part. That boy has to stop thinking about killing himself. I despise that so much. Ambrose did it in the Dark Hunter and it was in that moment that I stooped liking him.

“Do you know what suicide is?”
“Yeah, death.”
“It’s the ultimate act of selfishness.” 

I love Caleb. His so loyal I really like him. And Nekoda… I think that I like her. Think. Till I know what and who she really is I don’t trust her much.

And Bubba. I love him and I feel so sad for him. 😦

Acheron !!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH !!!!
He mentioned Styxx and … oh the pain…. 😥 

I need to read Wren’s book ! I’m so in love with him!!!! 

That damn Grim is trouble! I so need to know what is going to happen !! I really hope Nick is making the right choices and changing the future. For a better thing.

Oh no no wait !!!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING NICK???? Why did you bargained with Artemis ??????

4 stars Goodreads Review



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