Twisted Together by Pepper Winters (Margarida)

Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark)Twisted Together by Pepper Winters

I really freaking enjoyed this book!! I think it was the best of the three. I did like the first two but with the first one I was bit shocked because of the violence the second I was already prepared and I really liked it but this one I loved!

Like I said I loved this book I still didn’t give 5 stars because I don’t like Tess that much I tolerate her and respect her because of what she been through but sometimes she still annoys me I don’t know why.

I really really want to talk about Q!!!!!!!!!! He’s so amazing he does everything for her. Everything. In this book I finally fell in love with him. He gave up his dark side because of Tess and that was so freaking hard. I love love him!

I don’t have much to say about Tess. I tolerate and admire her but that’s it.

I love Suzette!! She’s awesome!! Her and Franco *-*

I was freaking terrified in this book I actually cried. There were so many scenes that were so powerful that my emotions couldn’t handle it. First was Q I was so scared and Tess reactions did not help me at all. Then we have the fact of human trafficking I just can’t understand how people can do this do other people! HOW?! I’m crying right now because of what I read and it breaks my heart how mean and how vicious a human person can be. And it’s worse when I think that this really happens in real life and it’s just a freaking shock all over again and how courageous the people who go through this sort of thing are. I really admire them.

There was violence but I don’t mind anymore it’s what they like and what makes them feel good so I wont judge.

I LOVED THE WEDDING! It was perfect for them! I was so happy. And the vows wow wow! They were amazing especially Q’s vows they brought tears to my eyes.



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