Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren (Margarida)

Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1)Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

I love Christina Lauren’s books!! They’re so funny and sexy that I forget about everything when I’m reading them. This story was no different.

The story starts with three girls. Mia, Harlow and Lola going on a trip to Vegas and when a book starts with a trip to Vegas you know this is going to be funny !

On the first night Mia sees a sexy stranger in the bar and later she meets him and wow she was amazed and who wouldn’t?! A Frenchman opening the door only in boxers and then he starts speaking with slight french accent *sigh* I really liked Mia she seemed shy at first but when she stars to speak more comfortably she’s so damn funny. This is, I think, one of the first times I was on the girl side when they have a fight. It wasn’t expecting what Ansel did it wasn’t something really really really bad but it was something really really bad and I totally understood Mia reaction I would have done the same thing though I would have punched that bitch in the face with so much force that she would have a hole in her face because of my fist. Bitch.

I love Ansel he seems really sweet but when you start to read more you start to notice that he’s pretty dark and sexy really sexy I just want to jump him. No shame just grabbing his leg and stay attached to it forever okay that wouldn’t be very comfortable but now you see how much I LOVE HIM! I said before that I didn’t like what he did and I didn’t but I just couldn’t stop love him you know? It’s impossible. And he did a pretty amazing for her to make up for what he did and I really like him *-* They’re so so so filthy together oh my the things they did ahahahah Mia role played for him I was so not expecting that at all. Now I totally understand that title.

I absolutely loved the time they had in France together! I specially loved seeing through Mia’s words she saw it was beautiful and I really want to go to France again. I was kinda sad that they didn’t spend that much time together. Stupid Ansel’s work :/. But I still loved the times they were together. They were so adorable together I just can’t. Oh my I forgot to say that when they first arrived in France their relationship was so awkward and adorable at the same time because they didn’t know what to do next what move to make and it perfect.

So I was really into the story you know being happy because everything was good and I’m having an awwww moment and then I turn the page and it says in really big fat words Acknowledgments. I was not okay! Why? Now I can’t wait to read Finn & Harlow’s story ! Harlow is crazy and she said she hated Finn and I love books when beneath the hate the character actually loves the person she says she hates so I really can’t wait!! And to know what happens to Ansel & Mia!!

I really don’t know why I didn’t give this book five starts I loved it. I guess maybe I feel like something is missing? I really don’t know.

4,5 star




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