HTTYD 2 Non Spoiler Review (Carolina)

For Christmas I don’t want kitties, puppies, hamsters or canaries. I want a dragon! This was my main thought throughout the movie. Who wants cats or dogs as pets, when you know what a good friend a dragon can be?! I don’t. Unfortunately I do not know any pet shops where they sell dragons, so I’ll stick with my cat for a while.

I need to tell you this: if you weren’t sure if the movie was worth your time, or if it was any good, or better than the first, don’t think again. I’m telling you, this movie isn’t only worth your time, is worth your money! So drag your ass off the chair you are on now, put it in a car or bus and just go straight to the nearest theater. And if you haven’t even watched the first movie, boy I have no idea what are you doing with your life. Just watch it NOW!

So as you may guess, I went to the cinema today with my little brother and watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 (HTTYD2). We won tickets in a competition and we won! So today we watched HTTYD2 for free!

I watched the first movie in the cinema right after it came out and I fell in love with Hiccup and his beautiful dragon, Toothless. It was a magical ride seeing those two grow a beautiful friendship and change their world and what everyone thought of dragons. And in this movie seeing them together and everything they accomplished was awesome. I felt so proud of them, even though I had no reason to feel such thing.

What this movie is about. In movie 2 we follow Hiccup and Toothless adventures once again. In the beginning we see how the island is holding up and how they progress. We learn that Hiccup is now 20 years old (5 years older than in the first movie) and that his dad wants him to step up and take his place as the leader of their people. Though Hiccup is not so sure that’s his fate.

He spent five years dating beautiful Astrid, exploring the ocean looking for new islands, dragons and adventure. So when his dad drops this news he feels totally at lost because he hasn’t found out what his destiny is yet. So against his father wishes he flies away with Toothless to find out more about his true self. This is the main thing this movie is about. Hiccup finding out what’s he meant to do, to be.

HTTYD2 is a very intense movie, full of real struggles and lives changing problems, but all the funny moments make it light enough to be considered a kids movie. But that’s the real magic behind good kids movies, when you are young you watch the movie you see the story and you love it, but as an adult we watch the movie and see the real meaning between all those struggles the characters live through and we can see ourselves in them, going through the same. Unfortunately without dragons, but you get the idea.

So we follow Hiccup and watch him cry, laugh and love. And sitting in the theater room we cry, laugh and love alongside him. This movie was a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m praying that we have the chance in the near future to see how our characters are doing and that the movies keep this level of greatness. I’m so ready to find out a HTTYD3! Bring it on!

I just finished my nonspoiler review. I will write one with spoilers soon, probably!

Did you like it? Or are you still thinking about watching it?

Almost forgot to show you this!!! Look at the real sized Toothless they had there! I NEED ONE! Alive and breathing.

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The pics have shitty quality but only had my phone so…this was all I got.


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