The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (Carolina)

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1)The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! I really, reallyyy loved this book! There was small thing that did annoy me, but not that important. I’ll get there somewhere in this review. And because of that I was going to rate this book with 4 stars. But now I can barely remember why was I going to do such thing. Because I had my mind blown away in the last pages.

There’s this thing that makes books brilliant. It’s not only when we find out about something we weren’t expecting. The best mind-blowing parts are when we find out about something we had all the signals throughout the book to be expecting it to happen, but even though it just slips away. And we finish the book with our minds blown and felling as stupid as rocks. That’s me right now.

Now that I got that out, I’m getting into the story and the characters. I feel like I need to start with the last. When we read PJO, we think, How awesome would it be to be a son of Poseidon or Athena?. I’d never think, How awesome would it be to be a son of Hephaestus or Aphrodite?. Because who wants to be a shallow pretty person or a ugly, grumpy and dirty guy?! Well I never thought that before. But now I’d totally be in line to get to be a daughter of one of those gods if Poseidon wasn’t an option. Getting to make people do whatever I want them to? Or getting to make a incredible device out of a piece of junk? Holy Zeus! Who doesn’t want that?! I seems to be very useful.

WARNING Minor spoilers bellow

I’m going to start with Piper, the character I had more problems with. I started the book disliking and distrusting her. But throughout the book my opinion changed. Thanks Gods for that. I specially loved when she was talking with Drew and was like He’s mine bitch! Or when she was bossing around Hera and Thalia. And I laughed damn hard when she screamed Sleep! and the wolves just dropped like dead, snoring. I had to stop reading 5 minutes straight till I could focus on the letters again.

Then we met Leo! I loved all the characters, but oh boy, Leo was my favourite. He was always so funny and a good friend. And having all the different POV made it a lot easier to understand his mind. I was so sad when he thought about his mom and how he spent his past running away. And how he became the person he is. And how he Gods played with his fate and family just because. My poor, poor Leo. And all that made me love him even more. Even if he was put through so much, he was a faithful friend, a genius and a hero!

Finally, Jason! I really, really liked him. All his memory erasing and finding out about the other stuff was super exciting. I was seeing it coming. Everything about where we was before that bus trip. But I found the different shaping Gods pretty confusing. I felt kind of lost in the beginning with all those Roman names but at least I understood and it made sense. I was happy to see more of his memories coming back in the end, and seeing names I already heard about that are going to be important in the following books, like Hazel. But I didn’t like Rayna’s mention. No love triangle, please. I’m begging you!

And I can’t forget to mention Coach Hodge! Oh my God. He was so, so funny!!! In some ways he reminds me of Grover, it makes sense, since they are both satyrs and but they aren’t that much alike. This man goat just got me cracking up laughing everytime he opened his mouth to talk. I hope he sticks around a little longer.

I feel like I need to mention the prophecy, it mentions 7 demigods. Percy and Jason take immediately two places. Then we know that Piper and Leo will be part of it too. I already opened book 2 and saw two more names, Frank and Hazel. I’m pretty sure they are going to be part of the 7 too. So that leaves one free spot. And now I’m really curious to know who will take it. I really hope the seventh spot will be taken by Nico. But Annabeth or Thalia are good options too. I just hope Nico will show up more. I need more DiAngelo in my life.

The thing that annoyed me! I can’t forget to mention it. I think it was obvious from the first mention of giants who was the she rising from the Earth. And Piper was always so smart about all the myths, Jason too, how didn’t they see it sooner?! I’m no expert and I expected it. Like for a long, long time. But okay, I can live with this little stupidity on their part.

I can’t think about anything else to write right now. I loved this book, and I can’t wait to read book two and see what it’s happening with Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon or Neptune!

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