Wendy Higgins news! (Carolina)

Hey guys!

Today I have exciting news for you!

Wendy Higgins announced today three new books she will be writing in the next couple of years. I couldn’t be more excited. I only read her Sweet trilogy but I’m planning to read one of her other books See Me. And today when I saw her post about new books, I just started jumping up and down. At school. I was that excited!

So first, she will be writing a duology about some Brothers Grimm tale. It’s going to be called The Great Hunt and I love retellings so I’m planning to read this as soon as it gets released.

Goodreads link

Then she announced another book. And that’s the one I’m more than excited about. Are you ready?! She will be writing the first book in the Sweet Trilogy, Sweet Evil, in Kaidan’s POV! I already read some chapters she released in her male protagonist POV and I freaking loved it. I’m so, so excited to read this book!!! You have no idea. I need it so much!!!!

Goodreads Link

You can see her post here


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