MacKenzie Fire by Elle Casey (Margarida)

MacKenzie Fire (Shine Not Burn, #2)MacKenzie Fire by Elle Casey

I was so excited to read this book!! I love Candice and I was super curious about her and Ian’s story.

Be aware when you read this book. You will laugh so much sometimes you wont be able to breathe. The main reason of why I laughed so much reading this was Candice…ahahahah just remembering some of the stuff she said 😀

Candice is the funniest and clueless character ever. She so damn funny and I just love the way she is. I don’t know what more to say about how I feel about her besides showing quotes

“Google is your friend, people. I’m serious. It’s not a person, it’s a collective group of people who want to help each other, and that’s a good thing.”

Candice LOVES google!! She’s always talking about it like it’s a person and no one understands what she learns there it’s so damn funny eheh
Oh god and when she’s talking about touching chicken poop ahahahahah

“There’s nothing broken but my ass, and that already had a crack in it. I’m fine.”

Again I laughed my ass off because of her!!! She’s so so so funny!! I love her!!!!! I lost count of how many times I was string at the book
trying to control my laugh because I was in public. It was really hard!

Now Ian. Damn these MacKenzie brothers *drooling* Seriously they’re so damn hot with their sexy hats and that body *-* Ian was also super funny and I loved how he understood Candice. They were hilarious at beginning fighting in the snow ahahahah

OH MY GOD THE CALF! THAT WAS SO DAMN ADORABLE!! When I was reading that part I couldn’t stop thinking about a baby cat that showed up at my house without a mother and I’m taking care of her and she thinks I’m her mother I can totally relate with Candice! Candy is adorable *-*

When I was about half done with the book I was actually thinking about giving this book 4.5 stars but the moment after they had sex things started to go too fast for me and I didn’t like that. Overall I loved it I still had some issues but it was better than the first one.



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