Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Joana)

That’s what I’m talking about !! This one I liked.

Things are starting to get really interesting.

I loved seeing more characters from the Dark-Hunter! All the bears and Wren… 😀 Now that Nicks’s mom is working on Sanctuary I hope we get to see them more!

Acheron and Kyrion barely appeared, tho. 😦
But I LOVED seeing Savitar !!I loveeee Savitar !!! 

And Simi!!! She kills me. She’s so amazing and funny!!

“Thank you, akri-Nicky. Good of you to use your brains while you still have some. The Simi’s so proud for you.” 

Ahahah I just love her!

I don’t know what to think of Nekoda. I want to know what she really is. I don’t know if I should trust her.

Nick, Nick, Nick,… he’s REALLY funny ! I love his sarcasm. But I still don’t like him completely… I’m so afraid that he’s going to screw up again. And the fact that I can’t forget what happened in the past (or is it future? I can’t tell anymore) doesn’t help. And Ambrose keeps blaming Acheron for everything! What about you take responsibility for the choices you made dude?? 

Oh, oh the ending was interesting… What an awkward conversation that is going to be. “Hi, I’m you from the future!”

I’m going to start reading the next one. I’m curious to now how these knew events are affecting the future.. And I need answers about who to trust because right now that are more people that I don’t trust that the one that I do.

4 stars

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