We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (Joana)

 Just amazing. I’m seriously considering adding this to my favorite self. I loved this book !!! 

Seriously I’m speechless and I think I may be in shock. I wanted to read this book for sometime now. I was really curious about it and then a buddy of mine started readying it and loved it and I couldn’t resist. I stated reading it…

I loved it and I was so not expecting what happened!!! 

I strongly advice whoever decides to read this to read it without knowing anything about the book. No spoilers at all.

I loved it not just for the story but also for the writing. It is a type of writing so different from what I ever read before. It’s a bit strange at the begging but I loved it. And I loved the short chapters. 

I did not saw that coming! It blew me away and I broke down in to tears. It hurt just to think about it. 

I love The Liars. I love the Island. I love the way they spent they summer vacations.

(view spoiler)

5 stars


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