Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins (Margarida)

One thing I really like about Stephanie Perkins books is that the characters are real: Usually when I read books the characters are perfected. White straight teeth, tall, with abs and perfect skin, super cool and popular or not popular but still cool. These books aren’t like that. The first one Étienne was short he didn’t have straight . He was real. The same thing with Cricket he’s so freaking awkward and normal I love it!

I actually started this book really liking Max! He was this rocker dude that wore glasses that’s so adorable! And I think he did care for Lola but then he kinda ruined for me because he was super mean to Lola though Lola wasn’t saint.

Lola Lola Lola for the most part I really enjoyed her character she can be pretty funny and the clothes she wears! AWESOME!But she annoyed me. I could see that she really liked Cricket but she was always trying to convince herself no I love Max. And I was like NO! YOU LOVE CRICKET GO GET HIM. NOW. I was so mad when she miss lead Cricket…I wanted to punch her. Moving on I really liked her relationship with her gay parents ahahah they were so freaking funny! I loved when Lola made the dress for Caliope and her parents were like I don’t wanna seem really gay but I so want to say fabulous right now. ahahahah it was so funny!

I loved Cricket. He was so awkward and such a nerd!! I love him! I hated when he was sad about Lola I just wanted to hug him forever and though she hurt him he still come back he still was there for her. And the thing I like the most about him is that he is real and I wouldn’t mind at all to date a guy like that.

I really liked that the characters from the other book showed up! I love love Étienne! Anna and him are so so cute together! Now I can’t wait to read the next book I really really want to read Josh’s story I’m curious about him since the first book so I can’t for the book to come out!



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