Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey (Margarida)

Luceo non uro

I had so much fun reading this book. It was short funny and sexy story and I was in the mood for a book like this so it was perfect.

I had a lot of problems with one of the main characters Andie. Seriously this girl does not know how to choose guys. The first one broke up with her throw txt! And he gave her a gift card to a surgeon because he thought her ass was to big!!! :O What an asshole. The second I was completely shocked that she was dating him! Before Vegas she was always making fun of him and she hated him. She was thinking of leaving Mack for this dude! God I just wanted to shake her.

I love Mack. OH MY WHAT A HOTTIE!! That hat *-* It’s a pity the cover doesn’t have a cowboy 😦 Like I said he was super hot and oh man the things he said to her!! And those eyes..damn I was lost in them.

There was one thing I didn’t like much about the book beside Andie’s stupid decisions and that was how fast they started to have feelings about each other. When they first met after some bow chicka wow wow Andie was already I never felt like this with anyone else and I thought it was too fast.

Overall I really liked it was super fun and I can’t wait to read Ian’s book!! I was so happy when I found the story is about him and Candice!!! I can’t wait to read it!



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