City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare (Carolina)

Ave atque vale in perpetuum.

Here I go! I feel this review will be painful to write. It’s very hard to say goodbye to these beautiful characters we all fell in love with. So, so hard. I’m going to miss them immensely, and I hope with all my heart we get to see them in the following series.

Now about the actual book. I freaking loved it. It was so hard to stop even to eat or pee. I wanted to take it with me everywhere to read and wanted to smash it against someone’s head everytime they interrupted me. Not only the book was addicting but I had a deep need to know how our characters would end up in the end. Who died, who lived, who’d got a happy ending and who wouldn’t. I have been waiting for this book a long time, and couldn’t wait one more day to find out about it.

If you haven’t read the book, stop reading right here. Really, stop. Don’t ruin this book. Cassandra Clare’s book are made for you to go into them as blind as possible. That makes her books so more magical.

I’m going to start about Emma’s and Jules’ POVs chapters. I really liked to get to know the main characters of The Dark Artifices in this book. I loved the relationship between both of them. And I totally loved Jules protectiveness over his little brothers. I’m so excited to know how they spent the 5 years between both series. Another think I really enjoyed was the relationship Emma developed with our main characters, mainly Clary. And that gives me hope that she will appear in Emma’s books with Jace and little kid with golden eyes and red hair. If Cassandra doesn’t give us that, I’ll be very, very mad.
And then there was something that made me mad and happy at the same time. The parabatai request for Emma and Jules. In one hand I was so happy because they are perfect together and they will be perfect parabatai. But then I know how it will end up. And Emma knew it too, and she didn’t stop it. And I have no idea what to think about that.

Then our first death. I was expecting one of that couple to die. And I was really mad it had to be Jordan. I was so sure it would be Maia. Maia. I don’t even know what to say about her. I was so, so sure she was pregnant and that was the big secret she had to tell Jordan. But no! She was planning on breaking up with him, and I was so mad at her. Like what the freaking hell girl!! But then I got a little used to the idea and started shipping her with Bat.
And I was totally expecting Maia interfering in the fight, and becoming leader of the pack.

now it’s Malec turn. In my opinion there weren’t enough Malec moments in this book. But I loved the ones we had. Magnus was absent in a big part of the book but Alec wasn’t. And if I liked him a lot before now I love him!!! I laughed so, so much in this book because of him. It was so good to see more parabatai moments, and Alec being so open about his homosexuality. No shame, as usual. Well done, Alexander!
I was so, so scared that one of them would die in the end, but Cassandra kept them alive and I never felt so relieved in this book. I was rejoicing with joy! But then in the rooftop in the last chapter before the epilogue I was ready to punch Alec! After everything everyone went through so that Alec could have Magnus we was having second thoughts?!?!? I was so, so mad!!! If all the sacrifices they did went to waste and Alec refused to have Magnus back, I’d have hated Alec with all my heart. I swear I would. Thanks God Magnus saved the day again and they ended up together and happy!
Oh and after a while I found out who was Magnus’ dad and let me tell you. I hate that SOB with all my heart!!! There’s something missing. One mystery left. Why was Magnus banned from Peru? We still don’t know. I hope we find out one day.

Part Two, chapter fourteen, The Sleep of Reason. I need to ask, what was the point of THAT CHAPTER??? It ripped my heart open. And I’m talking about Clary’s vision if you’re wondering. What was the point!!!!! I cried so damn hard. Seeing Jonathan, the boy we could have been. Green eyes, a crush on Isabelle, a good brother. I’m crying right now with the unfairness of it all. With that chapter I hated Valentine more than I thought possible. It wasn’t his right to take that life from Jonathan. It wasn’t. He took a brother from his sister, and a son from his mother. And then Cassandra crushed my heart again, in chapter 23 Judas Kiss. Why didn’t she kill Sebastian right way, why did she have to show us the boy we could have been. A boy who regret everything he did to his family and possible friends. A boy innocent who died hated by everyone because of his father actions. I’ll never be okay with this. He should have lived and learned to be the boy he was supposed to be.

Keeping that chapter in mind… Sizzy! Another stab to my heart. Throughout the book, I was so so happy seeing them together! I loved Simon in this book. He was such a good friend and sort of boyfriend to Izzy. Oh and he and Alec and he and Jace! They had such beautiful relationships in this book. And Simon made me laugh so hard, a lot of times. When he was caught making out with Izzy twice, when he suggested a plan and Jace actually liked it and went along with it, when he drank from Alec. Just awesome! And let’s not forget how he saved Izzy, and they were so happy together. He said I love you and I almost fainted. I was so sure at least these two could have a happy ending that when Simon offered his immortality and Magnus’ dad accepted my heart just stopped beating. And then I started thinking that it wouldn’t be THAT bad. He could continue his life and die when he was supposed to, like his friends, like Iz. And I was happy again. But that son of a bitch that’s Magnus father wasn’t happy enough! He had to strip Simon of his memories of the shadow world. And he would strip every mundane’s memories of Clary. And I cried. I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe or see. It wasn’t fair! Simon and Clary had such a perfect friendship. They knew each other since forever and that motherf***er took it away from them. Seeing Clary’s and Izzy’s reactions was so painful. But then Magnus saved the day and I couldn’t be happier again! It wasn’t perfect but it was something. And I hope that we see Simon as a Shadowhunter and happily married with Izzy in TDA. Oh and I cried again when Clary was reunited with Simon with some of his memories. It was a start. And it made me damn happy.
About Izzy, I was a little disappointed. I was expecting her to have something mysterious about her dark eyes.

Speaking of TDA. TID characters. JEM! JEM! JEM! Oh my God I was so happy when he was Jem again. I couldn’t stop sobbing. He was my baby again and he talking about Tessa and his parabatai. Helping and protecting Emma. Bonding with Jace. And holy crap. I don’t even know. He’s probably my favourite Cassandra character, if not my favourite character of all time. And in the epilogue seeing him reunited and happy with Tessa again…oh my! My swear my heart sang with happiness. I really, really hope he shows up in TDA. I wanna see him bonding with Emma. And I want to just see him. I need to reread CP and CP2 this summer. I’ll suffer but I miss Will and Jem so damn much.

Now JACE AND CLARY!!! I loved these two. They work so damn well together. It was so good to see them become more than a couple but also a team. I expected their plan to take down Sebastian. And it was brilliant. I loved having the real Jace back. And seeing Clary being a real Shadowhunter. And that lake scene!!! It was beautiful. And perfect.
But I have a big problem with these two. Their ages. Jace is sixteen??? That’s TOO young!!!! I had no idea. I always thought he was close to Alec’s age. That he was about to turn eighteen, and then he tells Clary he’ll turn seventeen in January and my jaw hit the floor.
ASDFGHJKL JACE CHOSE TO BE A HERONDALE!!!!!! I was soooo happyyyyyy! My heart nearly exploded. And he has Will’s Herondale Ring. And oh my God. Will’s name won’t disappear. Jace will keep the lineage going and I couldn’t be happier about it.

In the end, I loved this book. Cried a lot. Laughed a lot. Definitely not as good as Clockwork Princess. I was a little, little bit disappointed with the end. I was expecting something else. More sad. More painful.

Also all the drama about the six deaths ended up being a overreaction. They were either expectable or they were characters no one cared about. I was a little sad about Raphael. I was expecting Sebastian’s death. But I wasn’t expecting the suffering. I thought I’d be happy. In the end I had my heart ripped out. Then Maureen and Meliorn were useless characters I didn’t care about. And Amatis was so predictable!

I feel like I’m forgetting to say a lot of things. But I can’t think anymore. Or write. My brain is in hangover mode now.

5 stars


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