City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (Joana)

This is it. I finished re-reading all the TMI books and I’m not even one bit prepared to City of Heavenly Fire. I think I’m even more scared now. I have more theories and I’m worried about things that I had never thought I would be worried about.

When I first read this book I hadn’t read TID one yet so I had different theories then. Re-reading this now was like reading the book for the first time. I loved it. 

Forget what I said about CoG being my favorite. This is my favorite so far. It was really painful reading this. Like really painful. I said it before and I’ll say it again… Will Herondale & Jem Carstairs ruined my life. So many feels. I can’t even read Will’s name without crying. If I cried like this reading CoLS how on earth will I survive CoHF??

I had a lot to say. While I was reading I kept thinking of a lot of things that I wanted to mention, a lot of details that I wanted to point out but now my mind is blank. It feels so pointless. I’m beaten with all of this feelings.

My heart is shattered because of Alec and Magnus. Because of Bother Zachariah. Because of Jace. Because of so many little things… Jem talking about Herondales, Jace with Will’s copy of A Tale Of Two Cities, Parabatai talk and moments… IT KILLS ME !!!!! 😥 

Why Alec why ?? What have you done?? It hurt’s so much.Why did you had to be so stupid and listen to all the crap that bitch Camille said? Why ?? 😥

I can’t even imagine what is going to happen to Malec now. I’m so afraid!! I really hope that is true and that Camille is really dead and that that that bitch of Maureen follows suit real soon because I hate her and she is trouble!

And oh god… how am I going to keep myself together with Jem talking with Jace on CoHF?? And Magnus… I’M SORRY BUT I HAVE SO SO MANY FEELS!!!!! 😥 😥 😥 

And Izzy.. so many theories about her… I really like her and I’m afraid that something is going to happen to her too.

I don’t know what to think anymore. I fear for everyone.Cassandra Clare ruined my life already and it’s about to get worse. 

In case you didn’t notice I’m panicking. One day till City of Heavenly Fire.

I’m not going to survive that book.  


5 stars 

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