Taint by S.L. Jennings (Margarida)

First of all lets talk about this cover! The guy is super hot! When I look at him I feel like he’s really staring at me *sigh*

Taint-high (1)

Now the book! I was expecting something sexy and funny and it was. Seriously Justice Drake is yummy maybe even double yummy! All that sexy talk and his looks by the end of the first maybe not the first one because in that one  he was kinda mean I would be at his feet and saying BE MINE YOU SEXY BEAST and then I would attach myself to his leg and never let go yup he was that sexy! I really like when books are from the guys POV and damn this one was no different.

However there was one thing I did not like there was no epilogue! I wanted one. Oh and when they had that very public fight I had stop to go lunch I was cranky! And so so sad! Justice broke my heart 😦 I just wanted yo choke Evan that SOB!!

I really liked Ally! At first she looked like a rich bitch but then she started to be alone with Justice and he got to know her and she’s so damn funny!

Oh my when the scandals started I had an idea of whom was behind it and I wad right that whore!!!!!!

Overall I really liked the book it funny it was sexy it was sad and it did have a happy ending kinda.

4 stars


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