The Wild Side by R.K. Lilley (Margarida)

I read the first three chapters in some blogs and I was very curious about the book so I went and got the e-book version.

It’s a very short book and I really liked. I haven’t a book with explicit sex scenes in long time…maybe since the beginning of May and I quite enjoyed this one though sometimes I felt that there was too much sex between them.

Now the characters.
Alasdair damn you!!! I was so not expecting you being a writer!!! And a really really hot one!!! Jeez *drooling* I really liked seeing him with Iris in the beginning he was so uncomfortable because he didn’t know how to give affection but he learned and loved it!!

Iris was super funny!!! What she did when she met Dair’s ex-wife AWESOME! 😀 I’m super curious about her story she didn’t say anything about her past to Dair and I really really want to know!

I’m super excited to read the next book because this one didn’t have a happy ending and I want one!

4 stars


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