City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (Joana)

This is by far the TMI that I least like for several reasons being the most important ones:

* WAY TOO MUCH SIMON !!! It’s horrible! Simon, Simon, Simon all the time. Yeah I feel sorry for him because of his mother but I .. ugh no I can’t this is to much Simon for me. I’m done with him.

* Magnus and Alec are way for great part of the book and I missed them like crazy! 😦 

Jocelyn, Camille, Raphael and that Maureen bitch are a big no for me. Lets not mention the fact that I want to kill Sebastian myself!!! I HATE that fucking son of a bitch!!! And I HATE Camille too !!! That bitch!!!! It’s her fault … !!!!! 

There are a lot of things that I love about this book too starting with Jace. This guy doesn’t have a break. Poor, poor Jace is always suffering so much and I hate it. 😦

And dear god he and Clary… So many hot scenes!!! I love Jace! ❤ 

Then we have Malec of course! Although they were way a long part of the book (which like I said killed me)and they are kind of fighting (which breaks my heart) they are so cute!! And we have kiss kiss again. 😀 

Dear god I didn’t remember liking Kyle this much. The guy is so hot! 

Oh and Isabelle was pretty awesome in this book !! I already liked her a lot but I think that in this book she was amazing.

So many TID references that KILLED ME !! 

Like I said I hate Camille! I hate her so much for all she’s going to do and for all she did to Magnus! Having read TDI only made my hatred for her worse than already was.

Brother Zacharaiah … Dear god I can’t bring myself to stop crying every time he appear or is mentioned. Him talking with Jace and talking about Herondale’s… I JUST CAN’T !!!!! *SOBBING* 😥 

And Will is mentioned !!! I just can’t deal with all the feels it’s too painful!! 

I have to admit that it was a good idea to re-read this because there were a lot of thing and a lot of details that I didn’t remembered. At all.

3.5 star

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