Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire (Margarida)

I have a relationship of love/hate with this book. It just annoyed me so much sometimes but then there were other times that I was liking it so much!!!This book did disappoint me I don’t know why but I had really high exceptions and the characters ruined it.

The thing that made me so annoyed were the main characters.
Abby/Pigeon (weird nickname I know) she just couldn’t decide!!! Oh my god! One minute she was like no I can’t be with Travis and then I can’t help myself. There were somethings she did to Travis that broke my heart and I just wanted to cry I mean how can she do that to him?! Jesus. Another thing she broke Travis heart and again she changed her mind so many times if she wanted to be with him or not. I just can’t understand her.
Then we have Travis. I really really like him but the dude has some serious issues. Always jealous I think he was a bit obsessed with Abby and his mood swings. Overall I liked him better than Abby but he still annoyed.

I really like America Abby’s best friend and Shepley! I prefer them. They’re super cute and all the arguments they had was thanks to Travis & Abby’s relationship.

There was another character Finch that we didn’t see much until something happened and Abby was always with him. I’m very curious about him.

Overall I really liked the book there were times I was thinking of giving 3 starts but then some stuff happened that made me give this book four stars.

4 stars


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