Sentinel by Jennifer L.Armentrout (Margarida)

Oh gods. This was a long ride. I can’t believe I just finished this series. I’m going to miss this characters so much.

This book was a rollercoaster of feels. I was so happy in so many moments but then when I was almost finishing the book I just cried and cried and I kept saying no this is not happening! Please Apollo do something!! and then the bastard started to say his plan and man I was so freaking relieved!!!!!!! I just wanted to punch Apollo because he was saying something about let it go AND I’M LIKE NO YOU DON’T!! YOU CAN’T!!!!!

I liked the ending it wasn’t something I was expecting and I like that I was scared in the last pages because I wasn’t seeing things getting better but thanks the gods it did!

Let’s talk about Aiden!!! In the first book he seemed so reserved and now I just can’t I want to jump him!! He’s so sexy!!!!!!!!! Gods and when he calls her Agapi mou or Zoi mou or the two things together I just melt *-* He’s so sweet I love him!!

Finally Seth is back!! I didn’t trust him completely but I loved that he was back with his stupid jokes and always arguing with Aiden. What he did at the end just made me want to hug him forever!!!

What happened to Alex at the ending of the last book was awful!! I wouldn’t have had the strength she had. She’s so brave and amazing but at the same time she can make such stupid decisions. She got better throughout the books more mature thanks gods because there were somethings that made me want to shake her.

Again I loved how the Gods are involved in the story! Now I know more about them and I really like them though I was mad at them at one point. I’m so glad the God responsible for all of what happened was punished!

Jennifer spread the deaths through the books one death for each book. Pain everywhere! I really like that the people die but then because Alex knows about the Underworld and she went there she talked with some of them when she went there and she knows that they’re happy.

5 stars


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