Dare you To by Katie McGarry (Carolina)

4.5 stars! I enjoyed this book so freaking much!! But I still had a little problem with it, though. And that problem has a name…Beth! Beth was always so annoying!!! I guess she had her reasons, but even though she was always getting on my nerves. I tried so hard to breathe when I was reading some of her chapters.. My favourite thing about this book also has a name…

Ryan! This guy was totally awesome! I love him so much and admire him a lot too, for his patience to deal with Beth. He was always so sweet and adorable. Not even get me started on his looks. So damn hot, and sexy! I need a Ry in my life right now!

Another thing I loved were the relationships! All of them were so deep and beautiful. Ryan with his family. Beth with hers. Beth and Ryan with their friends. I wish we had more moments with Beth and Lacy, but the ones we had were beautiful. One of my absolute favourite was Mark with Ryan. I loved those two together!!!

I CAN’T FORGET THIS! I LOVED LOGAN!!!! Oh myyyy! I need his story! Like, right now! I fell in love with him so hard from the moment he first showed up. Katie please write me his book!

I can’t wait to start Isaiah’s story! I’ve heard so many great things about it. And I also love him, and it broke my heart to see him being to sad and heartbroken because of Beth. I need to see him happy!!

4,5 star


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