Daimon & Elixir by Jennifer L.Armentrout (Margarida)

daimon_cover4 (1)


This short story was awesome!

I really liked seeing her with her mother before everything happened. And how she was in the human world. Her and Matt ahahah what a wussie she defended him and he calls her a freak. Idiot.

4,5 star


Aiden Aiden Aiden *-*

What can I say…I loved reading from Aiden’s POV. It was so sad seeing him struggle because of Evil Alex I just wanted to hug him. And then he had to deal with Elixir Alex. Damn this guy suffered a lot 😦

Last sentences of the book *-* :
“I lowered my lips to her cheek and kept them there, holding her tighter and tighter. The gods wanted war? 

They were about to get it.”

5 stars


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