Apollyon by Jennifer L.Armentrout (Margarida)

Jennifer L.Armentrout and her endings. She really likes to make us suffer. And the deaths. The deaths!!

I love this series. This is getting better and better from book to book and I’m just amazed how someone can write a story like this.

OMG I KNEW IT!! I KNEW WHICH GOD WAS BEHIND ALL THAT STUFF!! SINCE THE BEGINNING!!! And they just figured it out when it was too late but I was not expecting of whom he was disguised. It was awful when they found out. Alex made me feel her pain and it was horrible and I would totally feel like she did.

I’m really enjoying the part the Gods are having in this series when I started it I wasn’t expecting it and now I’m loving it. I love Apollo and Artemis!!! They’re always protecting Alex and they’re so much fun.

I loved when Alex would use Akasha !! She was pretty awesome!!!! She kicked everyone asses almost all of them. oh the feels. And Aiden reactions were so funny! He would be like damn Alex that was hooot in my head I was like no Aiden you’re the hot one *drooling*. Aiden just makes me want to jump him. Seriously he’s so hot and then he’s always trying to protect Alex. Dude and the hot scenes!! *sigh*

Seth is finally showing some remorse kind of..I just want Seth from Pure back.

There’s one death in this book. What’s wrong with this authors?! Mean people turn good and they kill them?! Not fair.
Btw I love how the death people still show up!! It’s so much fun!

There was a lot of adventure in this book and loads of action! It was amazing and I can’t wait to read the last one but I’m so afraid because what Alex has to do and what implications that will have so I do not have a good feeling…

5 stars



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