City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (Joana)

*** I Can’t decide what is a spoiler or not. Tagging spoilers of books I’ve already read the next ones and I’m re-reading is becoming very difficult so yeah if you haven’t read any of the books be careful because there are spoilers in here. *** 

I’m loving so much re-reading The Mortal Instruments! 

I’m definitely being reminded of why I gave 5 starts to all the books so far and why I love so much this characters . And it’s being even more painful re-reading all of the books than it was reading them the first time.

Sometimes I don’t understand how my mind works. I mean, I’ve read all of the TMI books before and I’ve read TID too. I know exactly what’s going to happen so why is it that I’m so goddamn nervous all the time ??? 

I love all the TMI books but I think that City of Glass is one of my favorites. I love Idris ! It’s so beautiful .. The Glass City… With the Demon Towers and all the witchlight… I wish I could visit that place it must be incredible! 

I didn’t remember Clary annoying the hell out of me , like she did in the begging of the book, the first time I read this!! I remember that when I first read this I didn’t liked what she did by creating the Portal and just running of to Idris without thinking about anyone else or about the consequences but reading this a second time… God I was so mad at her! I girl was really messing with myself control and pushing all my buttons I just wanted to slap her across the face a couple times. She was acting like a spoiled stupid child only thinking of what she wanted and not caring about others or anything else. The Portal scene, running of Amatis’s house and just showing up on the Penhallows house like she owned the thing… Damn the girl was driving me crazy! 

But it passed – thank god – and I actually like Clary, specially when she’s with Jace, I love seeing them together. 

Jace… was always I don’t know what to say about him. I just love Jace so so much. He’s always suffering and it kills me. 😥

When he though that he had demon blood on him, that he was part demon I just wanted to say “It’s not you, my love, you’re part angel not demon”. God it hurts me so much that Jace, my dear Jace is always suffering. I hate Valentine so much for all he did to Jace. My poor boy. When he died… oh the pain. Son of a bitch of Valentine. 

And Sebastian! Fucking Sebastian I hate him so much. So so so much! For all he did and for all he’s going to do. He killed Max! Max was just a kid… it was so sad specially because the poor boy kept being ignored by everyone. Damn this really hurts.Seeing Izzy crying like that and the rest of the Lightwoods… I just can’t. 

Sebastian is a monster! I hate him. I never trusted him not for a minute.

I feel kinda bad for referring to him was Sebastian and not Jonathan tho. I mean the real Sebastian was a good guy and he’s dead and it’s not him that I hate. Who I hate is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. That bitch ! So I’m sorry real Sebastian Verlac for always using your name in such a bad way.

Oh and Ragnor Fell’s death was sad too specially now that I’ve read The Bane Chronicles and know more about him and know what he meant to Magnus. Poor Magnus. 😦 

Now now now MALEC !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 


I love Alec’s POV I wish there were more. And there’s something that was been making me sad… the Parabatai thing… 😦

I wish Alec and Jace had more moments together. I know that Will and Jem relationship was very special and different from others Parabatai but I wish that Alec and Jace were more close than it’s seen in the books.

Simon… I’m not going to repeat myself about him in every book you guys already know that I dislike him … this time I’m going to say a positive thing about him. I really like what he said to Clary about not letting any girl ruin their friendship. That’s solid I like that. 

It was about time for Jocelyn and Luke to be together! Although I don’t like Clary’s mom much I love Luke and I want him to be happy. 

The Infernal Devices ruined my life! 

It’s so difficult read this books knowing everything that happened in the past! I’m always thinking about William Herondale.ALWAYS! And Jem Carstairs too and it’s so painful! 

Jace is an Herondale and I… I don’t know what to call him if Jace Lightwood or Jace Herondale… on the one hand I want him to choose Lightwood because they are his family after all but then I also want to call him Herondale because he’s an Herondale and… Will … you know ?!? I’m a mess. 

And then Tessa is there in the Glass City talking with Magnus andI JUST CAN’T !!!! 

I think that re-reading these books are only make my fear for City of Heavenly Fire even worse than already was. That book is going to kill me in so many different ways … Malec… Jem and Jace talking… Jace and Clary… Tessa… that goddamn book is going to DESTROY ME !! 


5 stars Goodreads Review


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