Pure by Jennifer L.Arementrout (Margarida)

This was better than the first book. I loved the action!

So in the first book I said that I didn’t have a team. I do have one now though I don’t think Alex is going to end up with Seth I’m team Seth. He’s just so damn funny and he was there for her!! Aiden sometimes wants her and then he just ignores her and I don’t like that.

I loved the development of the relationship between Alex and Seth! This two are super funny together always fighting but there are feelings behind that and unfortunately I think Alex is just using Seth to forget Aiden she even says so. When she’s kissing him she says that Seth’s kisses make her forget everything which sucks because I like Seth better and he will get hurt 😦

Like I said Aiden one minute is hot and the next he’s cold. I like him I really do but he always giving hope to Alex that he feels something for her but then he remembers that he’s a Pure and he just blocks her and that’s not cool.

Caleb Caleb Caleb what can I say. Nothing. I love him and he was always there for Alex when she was sad because of Aiden. (Spoiler that I don’t know how to hide so if you want to read go to the link of my goodreads review below and please if you know how to hide a spoiler on this site explain it to me because I tried different things and nothing)

In this one we meet the minister of the ministers I think that’s what he is. I do not like him at all. He thinks the half bloods should be slaves!! I think he’s part of a secret society that worships the God Thanatos and that’s not good.

I loved the fighting at the end! It was awesome!!! Alex was amazing!!! I also loved how the book ended but I have a feeling the next one wont end well.

Oh my I love the expressions that are used in this book!! Jennifer can be so funny!!

4,5 star

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