Torn by Amanda Hocking (Carolina)

I enjoyed this book so much! It was such a quick and fun read! I like most of the characters, and the world is very intriguing. I still think the way the author pictured trolls is very unique and refreshing.

I usually hate love triangles, but I’m thankful the author added a second love interest to these books. Let me tell you why. In the first book I didn’t become a big fan of Finn and this book didn’t help his cause. I still dislike him a lot. So when we were introduced to Loki I couldn’t be more grateful and intrigued with this new character and at the same time I was praying that I’d like him, and you know what? I do! Holy crap! He become my favourite character from this trilogy! He’s so funny and sweet to Wendy. I hope they find a way to be together. And Wendy needs to get over that asshole. He isn’t good enough for her.

Now talking about Wendy she isn’t my favourite, but now that she accepted her destiny and who she was I feel that I will like her more than I did. I respect her for accepting her future so quickly, if my mom arranged my marriage I don’t think I’d accept it so quickly. But well she’s the princess, she did what she had to.

Another favourite of mine is Matt! I love his older brother protectiveness over Wendy and I’m happy he found happiness and I really hope he can keep it. I also liked Duncan! He was so funny, a much better tracker for Wendy than Finn if you ask me.

In the beginning I really liked to see the Vittra world and I hope we get to see a little more of it in the next book. I’m also really curious to find out how Wendy will save the Vittra from that King, and how will she manage to restore the peace between the two Trolls races. I’ll pick up Ascend really soon!

4 stars


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