Half-Blood by Jennifer L.Armentrout (Margarida)

I really enjoyed this book but like a lot of people say this was a bit similar with Vampire Academy which I really don’t mind because I loved the series and the similarities weren’t that many. Yeah she was way from the Covenant and she came back after three years and now she has to train so she can go back to school and yes she likes her trainer Aiden but I think the similarities end here. There’s forbidden love which is the best and super frustrating but I love it! I really liked the concept of the book. The daimons, the sentinels (they’re so cool), the Apollyon..etc

The book has a love triangle and honestly I don’t know who I like the best. Aiden is so reserved and sexyy! But then there’s Seth this guy is mysterious sarcastic and super funny. So right now I don’t have a team.

Alex is damn funny and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. I love her attitude! Ahahah her and Seth ! They’re always provoking each other and love that she didn’t change the way she was because he was the Apollyon. I also really liked seeing her with Aiden. She was always so energetic and Aiden was so patient with her and he always protect her! So cutee

I also think there were somethings that were predictable. There was one thing I wasn’t expecting it didn’t even crossed my mind but I guess if I had thought about it I would have expect it.

I hate how the pure treat the half bloods! You bitches! ! And why the hell can’t half bloods and pures be together?! :/ oh and their rules! ! you can’t touch a pure because you will be executed or turned into a slave!!!!!!!! I want to beat the carp out of the people who invented this rules. Assholes.

Alex has a best friend named Caleb and I really liked him!!! He’s super funny and he really cares about Alex. His mother sucks.

I don’t trust Lucian. He wants more power and that’s why he was so nice to Alex.

I like her uncle. At first I wasn’t sure about him but he’s kinda cool.

4 stars


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