The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa (Joana)

*** Spoilers ***

Really really good. The best so far. 

Although I rated it on Goodreads as a 5 stars I’m not sure if it is a full 5 stars because I didn’t like the first part much. I was bored and I was getting a hard time getting into the story. Meghan wasn’t helping of course. Crying and acting like a child as usual and the way she treated Puck… Yeah that fist part I didn’t liked at all, so here I’m going to rate it as a 4.5 Stars.
But then Second Part came and things started to get more interesting. They were finally back to Nevernerver and I started to really enjoy the book. 

I still don’t like Meghan very much I still think that she is a stupid dumb girl but I guess she’s a little better now. At least she doesn’t cry so much. And although I’m not a fan of her’s it was really sad when she said “goodbye” to Ash and to her human family.

I can’t decide who I love most if Puck or Ash . Those boys are so different but both So. Damn. Perfect! 

Puck is so full of life. So funny and sarcastic.. It’s impossible not to love him. 

And Ash is totally the opposite. Quiet and serious and so so amazing and sexy… I love him .

I love these two boys so much! And I love seeing them together . Best part of the book?! The very last page in Ash’s POV. Ash and Puck are going on “an adventure” together and I can’t explain how happy I am . I wish that they were liketogether together … because all that bromance … Paradise.

I can’t wait to read The Iron Knight. Lots of Puck/Ash moments and hopefully very little of Meghan. I hope that Ash doesn’t spent the whole book moping over her.

I just Love! Grimalkin . I love his attitude. I love that he doesn’t take shit from anyone – especially Meghan – and I love that he things the she is as dumb as I thing.

“Please attempt to use the brain I know is hidden somewhere in that head.” 

“It’s not my fault you cannot see past the end of your nose.”

Best Grim quotes ever.

Now Razor is so ADORABLE!!! :3 :3 :3 I love that creature. Such a cute adorable little thing.

I was not at all surprised to find out that Ferrum was the false kind.  The though had already crossed my mind. I’m glad he’s gone. [And Rowan too finally.  I hate that bastard. 

During all the book my heart was aching because of all that destruction in the beautiful Nevernever and now that Meghan is Queen of The Iron Realm and the Iron Glamour is no longer destroying the Winter and Summer courts I’m really curious of how things will go. Iron is still poison to fairies. Ash and Puck can’t go to Meghan’s realm and I’m not seeing Queen Mab and King Oberon just leaving the Iron Fey be so… yeah I’m curious.

Really excited for the next book.

Puck & Ash ❤


4,5 star

Goodreads Review



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