May Book Haul (Margarida)

You know what this is right?! BOOKS AND BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS




They’re finally here. I mean they arrived Tuesday but I was waiting for another package to do this post but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I know you’re waiting for me to show you what books I bought ARE YOU READYYY??? 😀





I got Onyx, Opal and Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I already had the first one and I was waiting for the new covers to get out to see if I would buy the old ones or the new ones and I did not like the new covers that much so I bought the old ones. Now I’m re-reading this series.  I love the last cover! I mean come on those abs *drooling*



I also got Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins. I put Sweet Reckoning in my cart on amazon but the book is not available so they will send me the book when it becomes available :/CAM00888

And the last book I got for now was Goddess by Josephine Angelini!! Finally I have the complete trilogy and now I can do a marathon. This book is so freaking soft. So soft. 😛

Now I’m going to tell you what I’m planing to get this month and actually is just one more book. Can you guess? Yes, it’s City of Heavenly Fire! I don’t know if I will get anything else I shouldn’t but you know I have a feeling I will get something else.


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