The One by Kiera Cass (Carolina)

Oh my goodness! This book was everything I hoped for! Fast-paced, enthralling, emotional… The One was probably the best book of the trilogy, but then there were a few things that kept me from giving it more than 4 stars. I’ll get to it eventually.

So this is actually 4.5 stars! I did like how thinks turned out, but I wanted more…I have no idea how to explain. This was a dystopian world, and I which we got to see more of the outside world and not so much of America dramas with her boys. I wouldn’t discard one single moment between America and Maxon, I’d just had a few chapters with other stuff that wasn’t focused on those two.

I also thought that it was a little to obvious.

Then I think Kiera added some stuff that she didn’t develop as fully as she could.

In this book I was pretty impressed with a lot of characters! Let’s just mention the main ones like Aspen and Celeste! I really liked how things turned out to him in the end!

Celeste showed one of the biggest character development in the entire series! I actually liked her a lot in this last book.
I wish we had more moments with all the girls. That time they got together in America’s room and then with the queen taking pics was totally awesome and some of my favourites.
Kriss did surprise me! I wasn’t seeing it coming. Like not in a million years!

Now America and Maxon! America still had her dumb moments in this book. Sometimes I just wanted to shake her and slam her head against the wall, but the was so brave and good! I can say I really liked in this book.
Then Maxon…He was so much better than I ever expected. In this book he was so much devoted to America and trying to see where she stood. He was so romantic THOSE LETTERS and at the same time so thoughtful never forgetting his people! But he also had his least bright moments… In that corridor, if he just gave America a chance to listen things would have been a lot easier. Anyway I love Maxon!

I think the book was missing a decent epilogue. The epilogue could be the last chapter and then the actual epilogue could be like 10 years later. I’d love to see how everything was after all those times. Again the dystopia part of the book I think it’s missing.. But it was perfectly beautiful all the same!

To read review with spoilers

5 stars


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